CRC Concealing Color, Cover Bald Spots

Masking cream to cover bald spots and hide hair loss. Comes in 5 different colors.
1 oz
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CRC Concealing Color is a unique cream used to cover bald spots and hide hair loss. It is a quick and easy solution for people showing more scalp than they would like or have a widening part. CRC deposits pigment onto the scalp to naturally fill in thinning hair areas, cover bald spots, and generally hide hair loss. CRC is water-resistant. And while it will not interfere with your hairstyle, it easily washes out with shampoo. CRC also masks gray hair and covers roots. Each of the shades can be used separately or blended together to match your hair color.

  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Looks fresh and natural for the whole day
  • Water resistant, will stand up to humid/damp conditions
  • Mix multiple shades for a perfect match
  • One tube lasts for 2-3 months of daily use
  • Safe, cosmetic grade quality ingredients
  • Will wash out of clothing or fabric

I'm a hair stylist and have tried lots of products that claim to make thin hair look thicker. This does not rub or or drip when I sweat and looks totally natural.
Anna from West Virginia

I bought this product because I have thinning hair. I am really self-conscious about it and hoped that it worked as well on me as it did in the pictures. It really did work and I won't be without this product ever again.
Mary-Louise from Illinois

My hair is thinning on the sides of my forehead and I feel this makes me look older than I am. I bought CRC Concealing Color and it makes my hair look full on the sides because there wasn't the whiteness of the scalp showing through.
Graciella from Vermont

For best results: Squeeze a tiny dab of Concealing Color onto fingertips. Massage fingertips together to warm product then massage onto scalp into thinning hair areas or bald spots. Let set for two minutes. If additional coverage is required, more product may be added in very thin layers, allowing drying time in between. When CRC Concealing Color completely sets, style as usual.
*CRC Concealing Color is extremely concentrated. Start with the smallest amount possible.

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